About us


We are a unique bike shop, situated in Amsterdam, where you will find bikes with a story behind them. In our store in De Hallen, we sell recycled bikes and restored old-timers. We also have new bikes from sustainable brands such as: Roetz, Achielle, Toyobikes and many others.

RECYCLE restores and repairs

We will repair your old bike with care and professionalism. From small issues to major maintainence. We will also proudly restore your old-timer to its former glory. You can find us at our location in De Hallen or at a number of other locations in Amsterdam.

Repairing small and big inconveniences of your bike with much care. Carefully and with craftmanship. You can encounter us at other locations in Amsterdam.


At RECYCLE, people with a mental vulnerability can find their way back to work. They are guided with great care by passionate and technical professionals with the main goal of becoming a bicycle repairperson. RECYCLE is a recognised training company.

RECYCLE designs

We are always seeing new possibilities. In this way, we are able to design unique products using old bike components, such as a desk lamp and a chandelier. You can also come to us for regular bike accessories.

RECYCLE manages

As well as being a bike (work)shop, RECYCLE manages the main concourse of De Hallen and the bicycle parking area. We create a safe and fun environment with the collaboration of our RECYCLE staff members.



RECYCLE is an initiative from Roads. Roads is a healthcare provider and socially responsibe company. Roads guides people with a mental vulnerability to partake of daytime activities and work and provides work facilities with their own workspaces in more than forty unique locations in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Haarlem and Haarlemmermeer.

More information: www.roads.nl

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