Working here

Are you looking for a way back into work? And would you like to learn more about bicycles and their story?

RECYCLE helps men and women who are mentally vulnerable or who have a history of addiction/trouble with the authorities to find their way back to the workplace. As well as participating in the various day-time activities you can, at RECYCLE, also follow an apprenticeship course to become a facilities staffmember or a bicycle repairperson.

At RECYCLE you receive training within the profession and also practical experience. You are mentored during your training in professional skills such as facilities management or cash-desk / sales training. During your mentorship and training, attention will also be paid to general social-skills necessary for work such as co-operation, coping with responsibility, planning and organisation, following instructions and coping with criticism, complaints, disappointments and compliments.

Does this sound interesting and would you like to discuss the possibilities with us? You can apply via


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