At RECYCLE you will find bikes with a story. One-of-a-kind, restored old-timers, sustainably restored bicycles and unique products made from old bike parts. RECYCLE restores bikes to their former glory. Men and women with reduced job prospects work on the bikes carefully and professionally, and find their way back into work.
RECYCLE gives new chances to bikes AND to people.

What we do


Looking for a bike? You can come to us for new bikes, restored old-timers and recycled bikes. What's more, we also have bike accessories and unique products made by RECYCLE and partners.


RECYCLE performs repairs at competitive prices. From puncture repairs to a complete build or dismantle of a bike: RECYCLE gets it done. After a service or repair, RECYCLE gives a 3 month guarantee on the moving parts.


Do you have a bike with sentimental value? RECYCLE turns hidden gems back into usable bikes. We check everything, replace worn-out parts and set your bike up again. RECYCLE will restore your old-timer to its former glory!

Unique products

Our unique products are made by hand with an eye for detail, which makes each item unique. Our products are for sale in our store at Recycle in De Hallen and can be ordered by

I just wanted to say thank you for fixing my bike. I picked it up a week and a half ago and it rides like a charm again! Very happy with your service.
-A happy customer

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