You are also welcome to come to RECYCLE if your bike needs a bit of TLC! Our staff members will gladly help you. They are following apprenticeships and will inform you as completely as possible about the status of your bicycle.

RECYCLE performs repairs for a competitive price (Bovag). From puncture repairs to a complete build or dismantle of a bike: RECYCLE gets it done. After a service or repair, RECYCLE gives a 3 month guarantee on the moving parts.

Free replacement bicycle loan

For larger repairs, you can make use of our free loan-bike service. In that way you won't be slowed down for even a single day!

Keeping you informed via SMS

We will, via SMS, keep you updated as to when your bike will be ready to pick up after a repair. RECYCLE makes it easy for you to enjoy your bike once more!

Prijzenlijst reparatie

NB! Prices do not include costs for parts and materials

Puncture repair front / rear €12
Replacement inner / outer tyre - rear, all types €23
Replacement inner / outer tyre - front €15
Gears set-up €12
Chain tightening and greasing or replacement with dismantling €20
Chain tightening and greasing or replacement without dismantling €12
Install and adjust brake pads (front or rear) €10
Mudguard stay
Replacement front mudguard stay €12
Replacement rear mudguard stay €15
Rear wheel replacement €34
Front wheel expansion €23
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